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Anam Cara

Re-incarnation is a principle that I understood at 4 years of age. I knew that life continued beyond the physical and there never was/is a time that we don't exist.

We are trilogy of energy...Spirit, Soul and Personality.

Spirit creates a body to explore the physical world of matter. Its objective is to expand and evolve in wisdom.

The Soul is the mediator between Spirit and the personality. It evaluates and records the exploration of all lives. With each incoming life, the soul has a clear purpose and plan.

The personality self ( physical, mental, emotional) tries to understand its identity and therefore its purpose.

Currently, we live in a world where loneliness, anxiety, depression, disease, starvation, and all forms of abuse, is rampant. However this is not new, the history of mankind is simply repeating itself.

What is new is that more people globally are asking questions. They are questioning their identity, family beliefs, their role in community and why we keep repeating history. In this process of questioning, we shed the skin of blind acceptance and make an energetic connection to the soul's reservoir of experience. Initially this connection and collaboration is unconscious until we actively seek to know the fullness of our trilogy. ( Spirit Soul Personality)

I use a connection via higher consciousness to access information relating to your Souls journey. I tune into your Souls journey.

I tune into your souls frequency, like tuning a radio and receive symbolic data, information which has been recorded and stored throughout your hundreds of life times. This information is valuable if you want to know and fully comprehend what your soul is trying to achieve in this life.

Esoteric literature defines our human nature as spirit, soul and personality. Our personality self is what we are most familiar, although the realization of the soul is gaining momentum.
 When I speak of the soul I’m referring to consciousness, which is a quality of energy that interfaces between spirit and our physical life.
 In 2003 Spirit awoke in me… the ability to “read energy”. This was a past life gift, to be used to assist others with their soul journey. 
 What happens in a Soul Session?
1) We work together to access important information, which helps to clarify your present life pattern. This information may come from a past timeline, and/or sub conscious memory that is asking to be seen, resolved or healed now.
 2) I can offer you spiritual counseling and/or mentoring based on the principle of love. I will not tell you how you must or should live your life.
 3) I can teach you how to build a strong inner foundation through soul connection and acceptance of self.

1 Hour Session $144

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