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2.5 hr Package of Love


All vouchers have 1 Year Expiry from Date of Purchase. All Vouchers Can Be Used At all Blissage Locations & Mobile Services.

All Call 0422518361 To Purchase Personalised Gift Vouchers with Chosen Treatment, Can Send By Email Or Post for That Special Someone In Your Life,  or Purchase Online to Send by email or Post Click Here

Salt Glow Massage

Blissage Salt Glow Massage

Indulge and purify your energy with our Blissage Salt Glow Massage. This is a relaxing massage using warm oil, followed by a detoxifying Himalayan pink salt scrub that removes the dry skin cells leaving you feeling invigorated. Enjoy a full head massage and foot reflexology, finished with hot towels and body butter.

1 hr $105

90 min $150 

Deluxe Alpha & Omega Facial

Blissage Deluxe Facial

Unwind with our Blissage deluxe heavenly facial, facial steam, cleanse to clean the pores, light facial scrub, with a deep cleanse to remove all the remaining built up impurities. Relax with a twenty minute face, neck, shoulder, head massage, drifting all your cares away. With our Omega hydrating Mask, Followed by a hand and foot massage. Warm towel over the face, toner to tighten and close the pores, serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Leaving your skin and being totally relaxed and refreshed.

1 Hour $105

Hot Rock Massage

Blissage Body Bliss 1.5 hr Package

Unwind with this 90 min deep relaxation soothing treatment.

With a 90 min Swedish massage, exfoliation, and hot rock massage. Dream away with a full head massage, foot reflexology, hot towels and a divine body butter leaving your skin radiating.

Time to get blissed out....


2 Hr Aromatherapy Package

Dream away with the magic oil blend of rich oils cleansing your energy with divine richness of essential oils, Exfoliation glove with soft fingers touching the skin, with a 90 min massage, reflexology, head massage. Finished with a 30 min facial with our organic range of beauty products, Includes cleanse, facial scrub, face, neck, eye massage, toner, moisturiser.

120 min Package $210

2 hr Turtle Dreaming Package

2 Hr Turtle Dreaming Healing Package with Oreion

The sands of time awaken in the turtle dreaming of peace...

Turtle magic meaning: slow down, connect to your inner wisdom of peace, ancient wisdom that one holds within.

Holding a space of love, stillness as i take you into the ancient world that is awakening within the core of your being. Channeled light codes expressed through light language, connecting to what your soul wishes to revile, activating the energy of peace and balance so one can start to remember the calling of one's truth. As i take you on a journey of releasing all that no longer serves your path.

Combining massage, blend of essential oils singing harmonies to awaken the lost parts of self to come back into the vessel that once again can feel safe to be reawakened. Hot rocks will be placed upon energy centers upon the body ground the energies coming in. I will be working with the elements of nature to purify and shift blocks within your energy centers, being Salt scrub, smudging of sage, light essences of peace and balance. Completing the turtle dreaming with a 30 min healing facial with light codes of unconditional love, Peace, Transformation, and truth. This package is a deep healing transformational journey to awakening and connecting to your own inner truth awakening you from the dream.


2 Serenity Package

2 Hour Serenity Package

1.5hr relaxation salt glow massage, smudging and a scalp massage. Equally uplifting as it is calming, your spiritual treatment begins with a 1.5 hour Salt glow massage to assess energy flow and re-balance the body’s energy field. During your massage your therapist will perform healing work drawing from reiki and intuitive energy. A 30minute Alpha & Omega Facial that balances the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine lines of force, with a smudging ceremony to soothe your body mind and spirit. $210

2 hr Awakening Package

2.5 Hour Awakening Package

Dream away while we take you on a deep healing journey, working on many levels of your being to release old patterns & blocks that no longer serve your highest good. With a one hour back, head & shoulder massage & salt exfoliation to clear the energies from the spine to allow the sacred light codes to anchor. Followed by a 30 min Foot reflexology, followed by a one Hour Alpha & Omega Deluxe Facial with steam which aligns and balances the sacred divine feminine & the sacred divine masculine lines of force, opening the way to a full transformation of your own personal awakening journey. Smudging and singing bowl to complete and anchor in the higher codes channeled from the sacred divine city of Shambhala.


3.5 hr heaven Scent

Blissage Pure Indulgence 3 hr Package

Heavenly surrender to indulge in pure delight with our three-hour indulgence of transcending all to embrace YOU...

this package is to open all the senses, working on every level of your being. With a rich array of oil blends that relax and help you to release and let go.

Includes a 120 min Hot stone massage, Head and foot reflexology, salt glow to clear or the negative energies you may be holding onto, as well as your body absorbing the minerals of the Himalayan pink salts. a one hour facial with our organic beauty range of beauty products, Includes facial steam, cleanse, facial scrub, face, neck, eye massage, toner, moisturizer. Truly an experience like no other

3 Hour Package $299

3 Hr Pure Indulgence Package

Mountain Blissage Ultimate 4 hr Indulgence Package

Dream away with this four-hour journey to ultimate bliss. Begin with a 90 min hot stone massage that penetrates deep into your tired muscles or 90 min aromatherapy massage. Along with a Chakra balance, which brings peace and harmony, you will be indulged with a full body salt glow that releases all the built-up toxins, and a soothing nourishing Body Butter. Your full one-hour deluxe Anti-Ageing Omega facial includes a facial steam, cleanse, scrub, toner, hydrating face mask, serum, eye cream and moisturiser, followed by a blissful head, face, neck and shoulder massage. After your one-hour Deluxe Spa Pedicure and 30 min Manicure, you will be walking on air as you take in the scenic views, peace and tranquility, while sipping on a herbal tea of your choice. $399

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