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Lomi Lomi Massage

Blissage Healing Sanctuary

37 Cliff Way Tamborine Mountain.

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We Have Two Locations on Tamborine Mountain

37 Cliff Way Tamborine Mountain (main dayspa). All bookings will be at blissage Day spa unless you are informed to go to Blissage Sanctuary

Blissage Sanctuary 106-108 Long Rd Gallery walk

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Blissage Fresha Award

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Google Reviews

Stayed at a nearby b&b with my mum. A short stroll up the road, and I entered the aptly named blissage. The experience for both me and mum was pure bliss. We had the two hr aromatherapy package, which was 1.5 hrs of heaven for my entire body, and 30 minutes of facial. The ladies were professional, pleasant and gifted with their hands. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyway.


I highly recommend the Turtle dreaming massage. It was a very relaxing massage - a combination of massage, hot rocks, salt scrub with the bonus of a facial! A very relaxing two hours of Bliss topped with the optional extra of high tea it made for a wonderful day. I look forward to my light code message from Oreion


My friend and I enjoyed the most amazing pampering session!! Would absolutely return weekly if I could afford such luxury!! The herbal tea and view were a perfect finish!!

Thank you, Kathie and Diana,

Blissage Massage Treatments

Salt Glow Massage

Blissage Salt Glow Massage

Indulge and purify your energy with our Blissage Salt Glow Massage. This is a relaxing massage using warm oil, followed by an detoxifying Himalayan pink salt scrub that removes the dry skin cells leaving you feeling invigorated. Enjoy a full head massage and foot reflexology, finished with hot towels and body butter.

60 min $110

90 min $160

Add on 30 min Trea Hertz Therapy Session $50

Hot Stone Massage

Blissage Hot Stone Massage

Our Blissage Hot Stone Massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, combining massage, warm oil and hot towels. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles, releasing built up tension and stress, creating a state of inner peace. Enjoy a full head and foot massage to complete this treatment.

60 min $120

90 min $165

Add on Trea Hertz Therapy Session $40

Remedial Massage

Blissage Remedial Massage

For those who require a specific area to be released choose our Blissage Remedial Massage. The therapist will target the muscles which relates to pain related areas.

60 min $110

90 min $160

Add on Trea Hertz Therapy Session $40

Deep tissue, Sports Massage

Blissage Deep Tissue - Sports Injury Massage

Sports Massage penetrates deeply into the muscles, releasing long term muscle tension. Our massage therapist will work on those long term issues that keep you awake at night.

60 min $120

90 min $170

Add on Trea Hertz Therapy Session $40

Swedish Massage

Blissage Lomi Lomi Massage with hot stones (also known as Kahuna Massage or Hawaiian Massage) has been described by many as the most amazing massage on Earth!

Lomi Lomi is a powerfully healing style of massage that uses the forearms in addition to the hands and fingers in long-flowing strokes along the body to remove layers of tension, not unlike the waves of the ocean. This constant flow makes it very difficult for the receiver’s mind to follow the movements and therefore encourages them to ‘switch off’ and enter into deeply healing states of relaxation. With hot rocks penetrating even further into the muscles for deep relaxation.

The belly too is gently massaged to balance the stomach and internal organs (Opu Huli) and the limbs are rotated and stretched in ways so subtle, yet focused, that the receiver can feel the release of tension deeply within their muscles and bones.

The unique flow and pressure of the Lomi Lomi, both soft and deep appropriate to the receiver’s needs, used in combination with the breath, encourages the body, mind and spirit to heal, leaving both the giver and the receiver feeling relaxed yet alive and energised.

Starting from 120 Min Treatment $233

Add on Trea Hertz Therapy Session $40

Relaxation Massage

Blissage Swedish Massage

Come into a world of peace and relaxation with our Blissage Swedish Massage by one of our professional massage therapists. Long flowing strokes with warm oil, releasing those tight muscles as you drift away. Enjoy a full head massage and foot reflexology, finished with hot towels.

60 min $99

90 min $144

Add on Trea Hertz Therapy Session $50

Aromatherapy Massage

Blissage Aromatherapy Massage

Drift into heaven with our Aromatherapy Oil Blend Massage. Let us take you into deep relaxation and peace with a flowing exfoliation using a gentle touch of fingers along the skin. Unwind your mind as the aromatic smells intoxicate your being. With a full head massage and foot reflexology, this is truly a divine treatment.

60 min $110

90 min $160

Add on Trea Hertz Therapy Session $40

Pregnancy Massage

Blissage Pregnancy Massage

Blissage Pregnancy Massage is based on Swedish massage techniques. This is because of its particular benefits in reducing muscle tension and improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Warm oil working with long flowing techniques is used, helping to release those tight muscles.

Laying on your back is not recommended past the first trimester, so your positioning will be restricted to your tummy or your side. The therapist will have a range of pillows to support your belly and avoid muscular strain.

60 min $105

90 min $150

Add on Trea Hertz Therapy Session $40

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